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Sis, thank you so much for stopping by I am MOORE.  We are delighted to have you here!  Kick your shoes off, get comfortable, grab some tissues because you may need them from time to time. 


I am MOORE is an organization that wants to see our sisters win through the power of Jesus Christ!  We encourage women to create their story by living on purpose according to Gods Word.

Our founder, Tiha Moore, created this safe space because she FINALLY decided to accept who God said she is, versus following "The Culture".  She was a single mother living in Section 8 housing, on public assistance, and relying on the monthly stipend handed to her. She clubbed every weekend and was chasing what she thought she wanted.  She was searching for love and acceptance in a cold world that was not willing to provide it. After years of going in cycles, she allowed God to rewrite her story.  

am MOORE was designed to personify God's transformative power. When you finally realize that He has called you and set you apart for such a time as this, you will be able to activate the destiny on the inside of you. I am MOORE is here to help on this journey.  We will learn and grow together!  It's time to launch out into the deep!


It is not until you know who God says 

you are, that you can walk in your

identity.  Sis, it is time to stop hitting

that snooze button and wake up,

because you have some work to do!

Society has a way of causing you to

compare yourself to what you see. 

I am MOORE is here to assure you

that all of that does not even matter!

The sooner you realize God is the

author and finisher, the sooner you

can walk boldly, with your head held

high, and in the fierceness you already



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Promote personal advancement through the lens of Christ, cultivate the skills He has placed inside you, guidance with assembling positive networks

Master your destiny, create your story, one day at a time...Expecting greatness!

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Stay connected with us on all socials (FB, IG, YT).  Women of God, it is our time to unleash the lioness that is on the inside of YOU though the power of the Holy Spirit!

In addition, we will issue a bi-weekly newsletter that will inspire you to keep creating your story and help you make it through the stumbling blocks of life.  I am MOORE will continue to host workshops and events and provide resources to make this walk a little easier!

Bullet Journal


Hey Rubies,


Welcome, I am delighted to have you! I am a Christian first, a wife, a mother of 2 young men, entrepreneur, future author, a creative, AND I have a 9-5! On this channel, we will talk about "Everything Under the SON!" (biblical perspective)


From cleaning, DIY's, home décor, fashion, to lifestyle, to relationships, and everything else in between! I am all about women empowerment and personal expansion from a biblical perspective.


 If you are new to the faith and are looking for a way to advance yourself as well as the Kingdom or if you are a "seasoned saint" as they say, I have content for you as well! Consider subscribing, I'd love to connect with you!


Always remember, you are MOORE than Rubies! Master of my destiny Obedient to my call Optimistic about my future Ready for what life has for me Expecting a great outcome


                                                                                                                             -xoxo, Tiha Moore  

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