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Relentless, Resourceful, and Reliable are just a few words to describe Patricia Ann Davis, affectionately called P.A.  The P.A. Davis scholarship was created in loving memory of a fearless mother, grandmother, and friend.  

P.A. absolutely had a tremendous heart! She loved her family dearly and she never met a stranger.  She cared and provided for many without a blink of an eye.  Although, she came from humble beginnings, she was always able to craft something out of nothing.  Her strength, determination, and drive allowed her to beat the odds.  She understood that her story did not have to end with a sorrowful ending.  P.A. conquered much opposition and instilled that in her family and people surrounding her.  



The P.A. Davis Scholarship was designed as a form of educational assistance for any female 17 years or older seeking to further her education.  This includes, but is not limited to high school graduates, GED recipients, new students, or returning students to both traditional and non traditional programs that meet all requirement of the P.A. Foundation Scholarship.  P.A. was an advocate for giving  multiple changes.  She loved by the mantra, “    Mistakes can be corrected, that’s why they made erasers on pencils”

Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible for the P.A. Davis Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria and submit proofs along with your completed application.

    •    High school senior: Evidence of 2.5 or higher GPA

    •    Graduate: GED, high school diploma or most recent transcript  

    •    Letter of acceptance from College, University, Vocation, or Program

    •    Letter of recommendation (not to include family

    •    500 words or less essay describing how you are creating your story 


Please note, the application and all documentation must be received by May 30th of the scholarship year

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