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Meet the Board:

I am M.O.O.R.E.'S board is comprised of women from all walks of life who have beat the odds and re-created their stories.  They are fully committed to investing in you!  

Tiha Moore, President

Has been in the insurance industry for over a decade.  She understands that in order to be good for someone, you have to take care of yourself.  "Personal growth is self awareness, improvement, identity, and promotion.  I am confident that I am M.O.O.R.E. will aid in helping the community understand they have value and significance in life!  We are dedicated to supporting you through the process of finding you!

Crystal Clemmons, Vice President


Tish Dawson, Secretary

Works as an LPN and is pursuing an Associates Degree to be an Registered Nurse.  Tish regards personal growth as setting goals and accomplishing them, striving to be a better person than you were the day before, thinking wiser, and out of the box. "Personal Growth isn't just for you, it's to help others by sharing your story with hopes of it helping them. We can impact the community by showing them the genuine love of God, giving those in need, and always and always encouraging and uplifting them with a smile.:

Danielle Bailey, Treasurer

Works as a Pharmacy Auditor. She believes that personal growth is important for self achievement and success.  It enhances your life as it exudes strength, determination, self awareness, and abilities. "We can impact the community through genuine love. By committing ourselves to each other; encouraging growth, instilling values, sharing knowledge, positivity, being uplifting and available to others."

Agiana Jackson, Trustee

A current student at Mount Carmel College of Nursing is studying to be a trauma nurse.  She is currently a sterile processing clerk at a local hospital. Personal growth is important because time continues to move forward, so we must do so as well, if we want to make something of ourselves. "For me, personal growth mean that everyday, I am striving toward my goals and figuring out who Agiana really is and what I need to be happy"  We can impact our community by reaching out to people and letting them know their value as well as giving back to the less fortunate.

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