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Women are not the only ones who face a series of problems, our young women face some of the most unimaginable issues.  While at school trying to obtain their education, they deal with bullies, mean girls, cliques, and boys, on top of all that, there's SOCIAL MEDIA.  After dealing with all that during the day, some come home to mental, physical, and even verbal abuse. 

ARISE is a mentoring safe space for teen girls from ages 13 years old to 19 years old.  It is a free forum for them to share their ideas, views, and gain Godly wisdom from mentors, activities, and each other.  ARISE allows each young lady to have an accountability partner that will help ensure each young lady is "always real"  

To ARISE means, to show up every day, the best version of yourself, regardless of what is trending.  Our future leaders gain the confidence, assurance, and most of all trust of all involved in the program and God's word.

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Cultivate creativity

Staying true to yourself

Discussions about real life issues



Monthly Meetings

Confidence Boost

Prom Dress Giveaway

I am MOORE is introducing Project PROMise, OH and we are accepting dress donations in all sizes.

Annually we will chose one lucky teen to receive the "Royal Treatment" I'm talking the whole nine yards (hair, nails, makeup, shoes)

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Do you have any gently used prom dresses or evening gowns you are looking to get rid of? We would love to take them off your hands and provide them to young women in the community.


Project Promise is a purity promise to remain abstinent until marriage. Your donation will help make one of the biggest days of their lives even “Moore” special!


Drop off are Tuesday -Saturday from 9-3 pm. If you are interested in being a drop off location, email

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