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Break the LO DEBAR mindset

Lo Debar(n) "no pasture," "no word" or "no communication"

On Sunday, our pastor spoke about a story in the Bible that I had never heard before. We all know the story of King Saul, but we rarely hear about his five year old grandson. After the death of King Saul (he fell on his sword) and his 3 sons, Jonathan, Abinadab, and Malchishua, in attempt to save the only remaining member of the family, a nurse successfully flees with Jonathan's son. During this time of escape, she dropped the boy and the damage of the fall caused him to suffer major injury to his feet. In turn, this caused him to be disabled.

Can you recount a time in your life where you felt like you were crippled by life’s circumstances?

For many years the boy lived in Lo Debar (city in Gilead, not far from Mahanaim) This was an unfruitful place. A place where it would be easy to become stagnant, a place where you feel like there is no hope, and no way of coming out. Do this sound familiar? Have you ever been there before?

Although the boy came from the lineage of a King, he was still in that low place. Because he was the only one left from the King Saul's bloodline and the fact of his disability, he assumed he was summoned to a life of doom and gloom….But God.

Years later, King David called for any living relative of King Saul so he could give him everything that belonged to Saul's family. From then on, the young man was blessed to be a resident of Jerusalem, was given servants, and was able to eat at the Kings table daily.

Sis, I want to assure you that change is coming to, just as it did for Saul's grandson! Just because life throws us for a loop, it doesn’t mean we have to be stuck in that low place. We can have our moment, but at some point we have to get up! Yes we all fall and at times it may be a little difficult to get back up. But we have to be ready for when God calls us. I'm sure the boy could not see anything past his current situation, but God quickly changed it. Just like He did then, He can do it for you. He promised to go before us and make every crooked place straight and every high place low. This is your season to shift! God is calling you out of the complacent mindset to a higher level in Him. Are you ready?


Crystal Clemmons

Sis, I encourage to remain hopeful in all things!

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