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Cabin Two: ACTIVATE!

Trouble for the righteous leads to triumph over the enemy!

I have a very good friend who I witnessed this spiritual truth come to life. We will call her “Faith”.

Faith and I became friends a few years back and honestly, it feels like we have been friends for decades.

I have had the pleasure of watching her seek the Lord as her faith continually grows and she draws closer to Him.

Let me take you back for clarity.

Faith was a successful Direct Seller for a well known company.

She had reached top level sales within the company and grown her FaceBook audience exponentially.

Faith mentioned several times in conversation that she would love to open her own boutique.

One day, about 6 months ago, Faith called me and said “Misty, I feel like the Lord is leading me to open my own boutique…I want to resign from my current company!”

Let me just tell you, my “baby lept” if you know what I mean.

However, logic was screaming “NO!”

Faith and I are part of a lady tribe of 5 women called “Cabin TWO”. We spent a weekend together in a cabin in the woods and became friends for life!

We have a key phrase that means : PRAY NOW!

That phrase is:


When we hear this, we get on our knees and PRAY.

Conversation and prayer circled more and more around Faith and the possibility of this major business change.

Then…the call came:

“MISTY!!!! The Lord gave me a date! I’m going to resign and start my own boutique online!”

I was SO excited and I knew the Lord was on the move!!

Faith continued selling as usual in her current business. She found vendors, purchased inventory and applied for a vendors license.

The stage was set…and so was the table before her…

I remember the day Faith called her former company to resign and she sent an email:

“Please cancel my account. Effective immediately. Thank you for this incredible opportunity!”

She was relieved and excited for the next season.

We all had “Opening Day” on our calendars. When that day came we were there in full support of our friend!

I remember 15 minutes before she was scheduled to be live I called to encourage her and we prayed.

She was ready!

Faith was gracious and respectful to her former company, filled with gratitude to her customers and held back tears a few times as they expressed their love and support for her no matter what she decides to do.

The comments were moving so fast!

Cabin Two jumped in. We began answering questions and responding to comments so our friend could be in the moment.

It was amazing to see the support and love she was being showered with!

The Lord blessed our friend!


Faith slept like a baby with a smile on her face. She was full of anticipation for the future.


We got the call: “Cabin TWO: ACTIVATE!”

Faith’s video had been reported and her entire social media footprint, business and personal, shut DOWN!

All we could do was pray.

Pray is what we did!