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His Presence...

Before there were miracles there was His presence.

Before there was opposition, darkness, and destruction… there was His presence.

When you are struggling to put together the disheveled pieces of your life, remember in His presence is everything you need.

We are all guilty of this… but many times we try so desperately to figure out what’s next, find the next step, or spend hours plotting and planning on how to be bigger, better, or STRONGER… When all we need is to scale back, lay the foundation out and let His whisper guide us. Everything we need… it’s found in His presence!

In His presence there is fullness of joy

In His presence there is peace

In His presence you don’t have to have it all together… in fact… He wants to be the one who puts "IT" back together.

In His presence there is enough bread for today.

I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread.

He is all we have and all we need - spend time with Him today, in His presence!

God's love for us is the glue that holds us together! His love runs deeper than the lowest valley! When you're feeling down and all alone, remember You are loved! Get in His presence, He will begin to reveal things to you. He will begin to minister to that dry desolate place you are harbouring.

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