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I took a walk to find God today...

Because I couldn’t feel his presence where I had other times before.

I desperately needed his presence to make it through the day.

I found Him sitting on a bench near a river.

He said “I need to remind you of something”

Calmly I sat next to Him.

He pointed at the river that had just gone down after a flood.

“What do you see?” He gently asked.

“I see mud, dead plants, dry leaves, the flood wiped out all of the life.”

He smiled, then said.

“The flood took what it needed to take, it uprooted what I needed it to uproot.

What you don’t see is what is happening deep in the newly enriched soil.... I’m preparing the grounds for a beautiful spring”

Tears began to well up in my eyes.

He spoke again, this time staring deep into my eyes “I brought you here to remind you that I am still doing a beautiful thing, deep down inside you. You’ve asked me when this flood season will end... Soon.

"I’m preparing you for a beautiful spring.”




verb 2. make (someone) ready or able to do or deal with something.

What God is doing in your life, you will be ready for. Gone are the days where you feel you have been thrown into a situation. God is moving and working behind the scenes. He is pruning you for what's come. Get ready, sis! God is about to blow your mind!!

` -XOXO,

Paige Harp

What God has for you, no one can take it!

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