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Nobody's Perfect...

PERFECTION...Is truly a false reality! When you try to live there, you will fail EVERY TIME! In your "perfect world" there are things that are lacking and things that you try to OVER compensate.

To me, perfection is:






Comparison, control, compromise, & criticism (all of em)

Transparency & Trust (lack of)





I have been learning so much about myself over these past few years! Before, I would constantly think to myself, why am I so judgmental about myself and my actions? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, Aha! I was trying to display a life of perfection, as if I had it all together. When I would attempt to convey confidence, it would read as insecurity every time. It was as plain as day, only I just couldn't see it. I masked the way I felt about myself, by projecting those thoughts, fears, and sometimes judgements onto myself and others. So on the outside, I would walk around with my head held high, but on the inside, I was feeling extremely low.



I recently had a vocal lesson, my coach gave me instructions on how she wanted me to sing a note, rather than fully listening, I began to over think how I would be able to belt out what I was instructed, perfectly. I OVER analyzed the command. In my mind, I was already defeated, but I tried it anyway. With a confident countenance, I began to sing, but on the inside, I didn’t think my note came out as she instructed. So what do you do when you think you've made a mistake? You stop, and that's what I did. I stopped singing and began to put myself down by saying I know that wasn’t right. She quickly stopped me and told me I was actually correct and I should have kept going. She said you’ve gotta stop criticizing and critiquing yourself, that’s my job!

In that moment, when she checked me, something just clicked! I understood that I am NOT PERFECT! That is ok, I can make mistakes, I can be vulnerable. I have room for error. Sis, this has been quite a journey back from a long road of deception and fear. Perfection will no longer cripple me! I am who I am, unapologetically! I don’t have to worry or be in competition with anyone! That day, I chose to unveil the mask. I had to fully understand that man, looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart ❤️ (1 Sam 16:7)

This was a time when I had to go back and search my heart. Was I doing everything right for God or was I trying to do everything right for people? Sadly, it was the latter. It was a simple heart check. To the God that hand crafted me in His image, I was already perfect. He qualified me! I don't have to be bound by the thoughts and opinions of myself or others, for that matter. Those lies of guilt, inferiority, and doubt were nothing more than plots and schemes of our adversary to halt my progression! I allowed those thoughts to creep in and manifest in my mind for way too long. All the while, God saw me a his daughter, perfect in His sight. I had to come out of agreement with those lies! I renounced and denounced EVERY word curse and generational curse that would cause me not to see myself through the eyes of God!

I can't say immediately things shifted in my mind, but I will say, every time a contrary thought pops into my head, I cast it down! Those thoughts don't even have a chance to make me feel inadequate or that I have to be someone or something I am not. It's a control thing. If the enemy can control your mind, there is no room for God in your heart. Sis, I want to encourage you to not hold up the dreams and visions God gave you trying to be perfect. You will NEVER arrive!


Tiha Moore


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