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Survival Mode...

We all have our stories of how we have overcome many obstacles in life. In the tough times we develops coping strategies to help us survive.

For me, survival mode looked like:

- Reading other people’s body language and adapting my behavior to make them comfortable.

- Stuffing my feelings while validating other people’s feelings.

- Letting my peace take a backseat to help others find their peace.

- Finding someone to follow so I wouldn’t have to stand out.

- Learning sarcasm to downplay abuse.

- Starving myself then binging.

- Drinking so I could stay “fun”

- Drinking so I didn’t have to feel

- Drinking so I could fit the labels others put on me.

To think of how many times I have shut myself down in order to go with the crowd breaks my heart! Survival mode means you are bound to your past.

Even though I’ve learned my life is not my own... I know God cares deeply about my mental physical and spiritual well-being, and He cares about yours too.

That being said, I KNOW some of you are in a fight between survival and freedom.

I know you are because I am too.

I’m learning what NOT to do. I'm learning not to over eat. I’m learning to give myself permission to speak EVEN if it makes someone uncomfortable. I’m learning to be honest with myself and God about my intentions. I’m learning.

I say all of that to say... I’m so proud of you for fighting out of survival mode. You could’ve quit. You could’ve stayed where you were at, but you are choosing not to. You’re taking the hard road and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. Keep fighting! Put on the full armor of God and when it gets hard let Him guide you through. I know it would be easier to settle.. but there is so much greater ahead for you!

You already survived! You don’t have to survive anymore. #NotAVictim #AVictor


Paige Harp


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