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Togetherness, oneness, sisterhood, integrity, unity, and strength, are just a few of the characteristics the visionary of I am M.O.O.RE. was looking for.  She along with her sister Crystal Clemmons, decided to create a space for women who boldly and unapologetically declare that Jesus Christ is their Savior!  We are women of valor and of standard.

We are not willing to compromise on our faith and we have decided to use our voice as a trumpet to sound the alarm. Our aim is to see women grow in God.  We are a league of like minded women who desire a closer relationship with our Father.

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As women we are good at masking our true feelings. We often isolate to hide what we are going through.  We can apply foundation and lipstick to make our exterior appear beautiful, but on the inside there is hurt, frustration, rejection, fear, anxiety, abuse, and so many other issues.


Our voice is powerful, and we will use it to empower, strengthen, motivate, and build our sisters. 




Sisterhood Soiree was created to give women an atmosphere of freedom, to express your truths.  Revelations 12:11 tells us that we can overcome by words of our testimony.  We will not allow our past failures to cripple our future.  God has a plan for us and we refuse to stay bound and allow the enemy to rob of us what God has promised us.

Being apart of our Sisterhood will allow you to be transparent and give you the strength to be all God has called you to be. This sisterhood is composed of ferocious prayer warriors, leaders, and world changers!  This sisterhood is composed of ferocious prayer warriors, leaders, and world changers!  


Crystal Clemmons & Tiha Moore

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Check out some highlights from our past Soiree's  
It's always a party!

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“I love the fact that everyone opened up and shed tears"


"I appreciate that the stories were real from real women! Continue to do what you are doing.  It is very helpful to hear others stories and struggles.  How they overcame some of the same issues that I have been through myself "


"I liked networking, the speakers, and being among sisters. Thank you!"


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